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If you received Continuing Education Hours or need to know who you can get CE’s from, and would like to know if they will be accepted, reference the Approved Continuing Education Providers list (link to list below). If you receive hours from a provider on the list then the hours will count towards your 2015 License Renewal.

License Journeyman are currently NOT required to submit Continuing Education Hours to renew their license.

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New Act Announcement

Continuing Education Announcement

Proof of Citizenship
Code of Alabama 1975, Section 31-13-29(g)
From Act 2012-491

Citizenship Portion for Application

Approved Continuing Education Providers

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Welcome to the Alabama Electrical Contractors Web Page. On this web page, you will be able to access license records to see if an Electrical Contractor or Journeyman Electrician is currently licensed, obtain forms to apply for licensure for Electrical Contractor or Journeyman Electrician and obtain copies of the law and rules and regulations. All examination information will be under the applicant information booklet section and contains all references, contents of the exam and sample questions.

You may contact us by email if you have any questions that have not been answered by viewing this web page:


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The May 11th Board Meeting has been rescheduled for May 29th at 10:00 a.m.

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September 1st the exam will be based on the 2014 NEC.

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